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'Si yo fuera rico' Trailer

Santi's life is a shit, but everything can change with a lottery ticket.

The movie tells us the story of Santi (Álex García), a young man with plenty economic issues and a very miserable life. Besides his difficult economy, he is about divorcing his wife. One day, he decides to try something different and play the lottery, with so good luck that he becomes very rich overnight, something he would never thought. He really becomes extremely rich. But not everything is coming his way, this sudden amount of money makes him the center of attention of Vanessa, a millionaire's widow. Besides, he faces the problem of not being able of telling his friends and his partner about his new situation, because if his wife notices it, he would have to give her the half of the money obtained because of being in the middle of the divorce. With that situation, he will try the best he can to enjoy his money and wasted it meanwhile he is covering it from his family and friends.



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