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Última hora Dani Rovira supera el cáncer: 'Hoy es el primer día del resto de mi vida. ¡Estoy curado!

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'The Call of the Wild' trailer

Buck is a dog used for carrying sleds that escapes being carried away by the call of nature.

Trailer for 'Call of the Wild', a story that follows Buck, a sled dog mixing St. Bernard and Scottish Collie throughout his long journey as a sled dog. Buck's story begins in Santa Clara, California. Buck was a very dear domestic dog that lived without worries, however, when a gold deposit is discovered in Yukon, Canada, they will kidnap Buck on demand for sled dogs and will be sold to commercials that will not have any kind of compassion with the. He will have to try to manage himself to escape and find a way to be free. Once in nature and the snow, Buck's wild instincts will begin to bloom in him and he will feel the call of nature, escaping to face a series of adventures and dangers with other dogs in the forests of Canada. With the appearance Harrison Ford John Thornton, who becomes a kind of travel companion, Dan Stevens as Hal and Karen Gillan as Mercedes.



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