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'The Gentlemen' trailer

A business man who has succeeded in drug trafficking decides to sell his empire to a list of Oklahoma billionaires.

The story revolves around Fletcher, a private investigator who hasn't a lot of clients, and who makes a living investigating and dismantling those who have a lot of money. On the other hand we have a man who is engaged in the drug business and who swims in money. The rich, of British nationality, decides to sell his entire empire to a series of billionaires from the State of Oklahoma. However, this will not be accepted by its customers, who will try to avoid at all costs that the agreement comes true.

The film, directed by Guy Ritchie ('Aladdin'), is played by Matthew McConaughey ('Dallas Buyers Club') in the role of Pearson (the drug lord), Hugh Grant ('Bridget Jones Diary') in the role of Fletcher, Charlie Hunnam ('Pacific Rim'), Michelle Dockery ('Downton Abbey'), Henry Golding ('A Simple Favor'), Colin Farrell ('Lobster'), Jeremy Strong ('The Big Short') and Eddie Marsan ('Sherlock Holmes').



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