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'The King' final trailer

Henry V (Timothée Chalamet) is forced to surround himself with loyal people in order to face the French threat that hangs over his kingdom.

The Prince Hal is destined to become the future King Henry V of England. However, the young man has totally given up on that royal life and all the responsibilities that it entails when deciding to spend his life among the plain people without any interest in exercising his legitimate right to the throne. Despite his resounding refusal, the death of his father Henry IV forces Hal to ascend as King, entering fully into that life from which he was fleeing so much. Once appointed as Henry V, the young man will pick up the witness of politics, chaos and wars that his father has left after his reign. The new king does not trust anyone in his environment in the palace, so he will be helped by the alcoholic gentleman John Falstaff, who will become his mentor and best friend. Next to him, he will have to face the threat of the Duke of Guyena better known as Dauphin of France, who will take advantage of this succession situation to attack with all his army.



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