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Trailer Ema subtitled

Ema Trailer, film by Pablo Larraín, subtitled in English

Ema (Mariana Di Girolamo) is a reggaeton dancer who is married to a choreographer named Gastón (Gael García Bernal), forming a union of free spirit artists. Their marriage and their lives are in order until an incident completely changes their situation. They are adoptive parents of Polo, a child who is involved in a tragic incident. Being unable to raise the child, they debate between keeping or abandoning him, which will destabilize the bond between the two members of the couple. Ema enters a spiral of liberation and inner discovery in search of a new and risky life. With reggaeton as a central element, 'Ema' becomes a portrait of a woman who needs a new world and who likes to see things burn (almost literally, since she has a flamethrower). His story speaks of an artistic temperament that is bound to deal with social pressure and the need to conform to impossibilities. 'Ema' is directed by Pablo Larraín, author of works such as 'Jackie', 'Neruda', 'No' and 'El club'. With this film, the Chilean director builds a female character made to move freely around the world, reflecting on topics such as art, desire and the concept of modern family.



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