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'Waves' Subtitled Trailer

Spanish subtitled trailer of 'Waves', the new drama movie with Taylor Russell, Alexa Demie and Sterling K. Brown.

Tyler Williams is one of the popular guys in his wrestling team. Outside the school he is a boy who goes to parties with friends and his girlfriend Alexis, whose father pushes her physically and mentally to become the best version of herself. The stepmother of Tyler, Catherine, is understanding with him and tries every way she finds to connect with him. One day, Tyler gets hurt gravely, something that could lead him to go under surgery. Nevertheless, the boy keeps going with his wrestling activities until the point of he might throw his career away.

One night, Tyler receives a text message from Alexis who tells him that she has a delay on her period. He wants her to have an abortion, but she rejects the idea because she is thinking about keeping the baby. This leaves the couple having a very agitated discussion that will lead Tyler to consume drugs and alcohol during parties with his friends.

Tyler will fall into a spiral of abuse and violence that won?t end up good. Meanwhile, his sister Emily will start a relationship with Luke, who will tell her that he is having a very complicated family situation. On his behalf, Ronald, the father of Tyler and Emily, and Catherine won?t go through a good situation in their relationship due to the latest events that happened.

'Waves' is directed by Trey Edward Shults and starred by Kelvin Harrison Jr., Taylor Russell, Alexa Demie, Sterling K. Brown and Renée Elise Goldsberry.



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