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EXCLUSIVA Telecinco amplía 'El tiempo del descuento' con emisiones lunes y miércoles


Year: 2008
Original Title: Un novio para mi mujer
Length: 100 minutes
Genre: Comedy, Romance
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In it, Tenso does not know how to confront his wife, Tana, to tell him that he wants to separate, since the relationship becomes unsustainable due to his terrible character. She lives constantly moody: if she does not protest for time, it is for the government; If it is not for the neighbors, it is for the young, or for the old or for whatever it is. Carlos, a friend of the Tenso, suggests that he reverse the problem and cause Tana to abandon him. How? Asks the Tenso, and Carlos presents a proposal: to resort to Cuervo Flores, an old irresistible seducer who will seduce his wife until falling in love so that, finally, the Tenso finds the solution to their problems


Cast A Boyfriend for My Wife


Trivia A Boyfriend for My Wife

On April 30, 2014, the Italian version of this comedy was released under the title 'Un fidanzato per mia moglie'. Also a South Korean version was realized with great success. The protagonists Valeria Bertuccelli and Adrian Suar obtained the Silver Biznaga for Best Actress and Actor.