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A Ghost Story's user reviews

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The most important character in this film turns out to be the house, which at first seems like the typical location for a low-budget art-piece, but later reflects Lowery?s grander vision for a story about the impressions we make on each other, and the legacies we leave behind.

Read review Noel Murray
Screen Crush

(...) all of the slow scenes and long takes are part of Lowery?s master plan to rewrite the rules that govern haunted house movies, and even the way we think about life, death, and time itself.

Read review Matt Singer
The Wrap

It?s a strange, sad, fragile little thing that should make us snicker, but instead it fills the screen with grace and beauty.

Read review Steve Pond

Inspired by an argument the filmmaker had with his wife (he didn?t want to abandon the old house where he could feel the echoes of not only the memories they had shared, but also the past tenants who had inhabited it), ?A Ghost Story? anthropomorphizes a given space in time.

Read review Peter Debruge

Lowery manages to find entertainment value and genuine intrigue from his outlandish scenario, synthesizing the magical realism of his earlier films with a tighter grasp of tone.

Read review Eric Kohn
The Hollywood Reporter

The sense of time passing is hypnotic, and the image of the ghost, wounded and watching, unable to communicate or offer comfort, becomes more eerie and beautiful the longer we observe it.

Read review David Rooney
The Guardian

For a film that?s only 87 minutes long, 'A Ghost Story' has nothing but time. This is a movie where, to the inevitable titters of those who don?t like a little formal experimentation, Rooney Mara sits on the kitchen floor and eats a condolence pie in one lengthy, unedited shot.

Read review Jordan Hoffman