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Who Would You Take to a Deserted Island?'s user reviews


The film confirms the careful style and personal point of view of Linares, who breaks in this adaptation the usual logic of theatrical adaptations: more than opening the action and expanding the space and time of the narrative. He raises the camera to the stage, approaching characters-incarnated with rapture by its four protagonists-looking for an exit, although this is not what they had expected or desired.

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Los Angeles Times

we don?t know enough about these four people for the film?s revelation to really pack a punch. However, raw performances and Linares? intimate approach make ?Who Would You Take to a Deserted Island?? more engaging in its second half than the first.

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El Periódico

Linares film have an level of anxiety that could be better modulated. The best part is in the epilogue in the independent theater:it's here that the distances (also the agreements) between pretense and reality are explored with more subtlety, and where Ros deals, without visible efforts, with her most important strokes of emotion. Quiet emotion.

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