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'Wonder Park' trivia and fun facts

First of three The first of 3 Nickelodeon Movies Films to release in 2019. The other 2 would later be 'Dora, la exploradora' (2019) and 'Are You Afraid of the Dark?' (2019). In addition to being the first of 2 Paramount Animation Films to release in 2019, with the other later being 'Sonic the Hedgehog' (2019).
Wonder Park Originally was intended to release on August 10th 2018, but it was moved to March 15th 2019 to avoid competing with Disney's 'Christopher Robin' (2018).
Wonderland The amusement park in this movie is called "Wonderland". There is an amusement park in Ontario, Canada that is commonly known as Wonderland, although its full name is "Canada's Wonderland". It was previously owned by Paramount, one of the production companies for this film.
No director The original director of the movie, Dylan Brown, was fired from the project after multiple complaints of ?inappropriate and unwanted behavior.? After that, nobody took his place, so the movie was released without a director.
David Bisbal The original song of the movie was composed by Anne Preven and Steven Price, in the Spanish version of it is sung by Divd Bisbal, and it's called 'Tú eres la magia' (you are the magic).