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Year: 2015
Original Title: Anesthesia
Length: 90 minutes
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Age rating: To be shown only in specially licensed cinemas to adults of not less than 18 years
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Release Dates

United States: January 08 2016


Ranking: 6,522 out of 16,397 movies (up 2014)


7.7 by 1 users

5.4 by 5 media


'Anesthesia' is an independent drama that takes place in New York. Walter Zarrow, a professor of philosophy played by Sam Waterson, is injured during a robbery. Although he makes an effort to escape, he doesn't carry very far and ends up falling in the arms of a middle-aged father, Sam, who is in the city due to a love affair. It's here when a journey through the streets of New York begins, where we follow not only Walter and Sam, but also all the people who are connected to them: the robber who wounds the teacher, an alcoholic housewife, a writer who starts a fight against his addictions, a couple involved into a drama related to a terminal illness, a teenager who wants to lose his virginity above all things; and, finally, a tuition student, played by Kristen Stewart, who resorts to self-mutilation to feel some life in herself.


Cast Anesthesia