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Year: 2018

Country: Germany

Genre: Science fiction, Thriller


Release Dates

United Kingdom: May 11 2018

United States:


Ranking: 3,276 out of 13,758 movies (up 9197)


The movie is set in a futuristic world where there's no privacy. Every memory is record, and that allows the existence of a better world, without crime. However, one day Sal Frieland will have to face a couple of murders and also he will discover that there's a girl who has escaped the security of the system, because there are no records of her, they don't know who is she and they name her 'The Girl'. Frieland will have to find her before it's too late. The movie is directed by Andrew Niccol and it's starring Clive Owen, Amanda Seyfried, Colm Feore and Sonya Walger.


Cast Anon