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'Arrival' trivia and fun facts

San Sebastian Festival The film is part of the San Sebastián International Film Festival, on the section called 'Pearls'.
'Story of Your Life' The original name for the film was 'Story of Your Life', until test audiences did not like the title, and therefore was changed to 'Arrival'.
Historia corta The movie is based upon the short story 'Story of Your Life' written by Ted Chiang in 2000.
Ciencia ficción This is the first science fiction movie of Denis Villeneuve. The minute after he finished it, Villeneuve had to start with the untitled sequel of 'Blade Runner 2049'.
Caramelo noruego The spaceship on the poster is a perfect replica of the norwegian candy 'lakrisbåt' (liquorice boat).
Together again This film reunites 'American Hustle' co-stars Jeremy Renner and Amy Adams.
Stephen Wolfram Renowned scientist and tech innovator Stephen Wolfram and his son Christopher Wolfram were consulted to ensure all scientific terminology, graphics and depictions were right.
Jóhan Jóhannsson The film's composer, Jóhann Jóhannsson, started recording the score before the movie had even started filming. He and the director like to work on the music as the director's films are being made.