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'Assassin's Creed' trivia and fun facts

Videogame Based on the Assasin's Creed videogames universe created and developed by Ubisoft. It comprises nine main games and eleven supporting games from different platforms. The videogames were inspired by the events told in the Slovenian Valdimir Bartol's novel Alamut and on the real Hashashin, an islamic medieval order.
Michael Fassbender as a producer Michael Fassbender lobbied as the producer of the film for it to be directed by Justin Kurzel, with whom he had worked before in 'MacBeth'. He also chose Marion Cotillard as his co-star.
The plot The plot won't follow the stories of the games but different references to the events told in the games can be expected, one of them being a possible crossover between the character of Eziou Auditore, the protagonist of Assasin's Creed II and Aguilar, the hassasin played by Fassbender, as the two are contemporary.
Setting The story is split in two different ages: present day and Spain in the 15th century (1491). real personalities as the Spanish Catholic Kings and Torquemada will appear along fictional ones.
Shooting Principal photography took place in Malta, Spain and London.
Costumes The Assassins costumes took 2-3 months to make and were all hand-crafted. There are eight versions of each costume, with an entire costume team devoted to each of the Assassins.
Alicia Wikander Alicia Vikander was considered for the role of Maria before Ariane Labed was cast. Vikander dropped out as she chose to do 'Jason Bourne' (2016) instead.
Justin Kurzel's approach Kurzel didn't want the movie to feel like a superhero film, he wanted to embrace "what it is to be human" through practical effects and parkour-intensive stunts.
Cast The cast contains stars of various countries: Michael Fassbender is Irish/German. Marion Cotillard is French. Jeremy Irons and Callum Turner are English. Brendan Gleeson is Irish. Michael Kenneth Williams is American and Ariane Labed is Greek.
Release date The release date for the film, December 21st, is a reference to the date of the fictional apocalypse within the 'Assassin´s Creed' franchise.