Batman: The Killing Joke

Batman: The Killing Joke
Poster Batman: The Killing Joke

Title: Batman: The Killing Joke

Original Title: Batman: The Killing Joke

Year: 2016


  • Saga: Batman
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
  • Length: 76 Minutes (1 hour 16 min)
  • Budget: $3,500,000
  • Genre: Animation Action Crime
  • Age rating: 15 (Suitable only for 15 years and over)

Release Dates

  • UK: July 22 2016
  • United States: July 26 2016


Based on the graphic novel by Alan Moore, one of the most acclaimed based on DC Comics' The Dark Knight. It's a rainy night, Batman arrives at Arkham Asylum to meet with the Joker. However, when he comes to his cell, and after a brief encounter, he finds the man with which he is talking with him is not the real Joker but an impostor. The real psychopath harlequin has fled and is loose in the streets of Gotham. This will result in a genuine search throughout the city, in the middle of the night and Batman's nemesis eager to create chaos. Joker's wishes terrorizing and torturing his victims begin to come true. Only the Dark Knight can capture the evil harlequin for it, he will the Batgirl's help, although it will not be easy, now the Joker has become stronger than ever and his desire for revenge are too powerful.


Mark Hamill

Mark Hamill

The Joker

Tara Strong

Tara Strong

Barbara Gordon

Ray Wise

Ray Wise

Commissioner Gordon



Batman: The Killing Joke
Batman: The Killing Joke
Batman: The Killing Joke

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