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Big Hero 6 videos and trailers

Stan Lee's Cameo in 'Big Hero 6' (2014)

Stan Lee's cameo in 'Big Hero 6', Disney Classics based upon on a Marvel comic.

'Big Hero 6' Clip #3

These clips reveal new footage from Disney's brand new movie: 'Big Hero 6'

'Feast' Trailer

Winston is a boston terrier puppy who forges his relationship with his owner through the food

'Big Hero 6' Clip #2

The main characters of Disney's new film introduce their superpowers

'Big Hero 6' NYCC Trailer

Hiro and Baymax want to save the city of San Fransokyo from the menace of a suspicious foe

'Big Hero 6' Trailer #2

Hiro transforms his friends into superheroes using robotics to face a mysterious villain

'Big Hero 6' - Meet Hiro Hamada and his friends

Put your problem-solving skills to the test and submit ideas to the Big Hero 6 XPRIZE Challenge for a chance to meet the creators

Clip 'Big Hero 6'

Hiro hurts his foot and awakes Baymax, the "nurse" robot, who wants to know his level of pain

TV Spot 'Big Hero 6' #3

Hiro and Baymax go back to school in this ad for Marvel and Disney's new animated feature

TV Spot 'Big Hero 6' #2

This TV Spot shows us Baymax, the pompous superhero who accompany the protagonist of the film

Trailer 'Big Hero 6'

Hiro uses his talent in Robotics to turn himself and his friends into superheroes

TV Spot 'Big Hero 6'

Hiro and Baymax are part of Big Hero 6, the new good heroes who protect the streets of San Fransokyo

First Look 'Big Hero 6'

A tram cross the streets of S. Fransokyo, location of the first Marvel and Disney Animation movie