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Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk's user reviews

Rolling Stone

Billy Lynn comes off as artificial when we most need it to be natural, organic and whisper-close.

Read review Peter Travers
The Guardian

A rare misstep for the Oscar-winning director is an adaptation of Ben Fountain?s acclaimed novel flattened by ill-fitting experimentation with new technology

Read review Benjamin Lee

It opens the door to a new way for movies to be shot, a new way for them to look and feel, a new way for them to be experienced.

Read review Owen Gleiberman

It is a failed experiment, an unstructured satire too artificial, confused and with multiple axes of denunciation that don't end up acquiring a true metaphorical character.

Read review Beatriz Martínez
Roger Ebert

Used in a standard dramatic movie like ?Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk,? the technique engulfs the viewer?s eye in a surfeit of razor-sharp detail that entail, quite literally, too much information.

Read review Godfrey Cheshire
New York Times

This is not exactly a rare war-movie notion, but ?Billy Lynn?s Long Halftime Walk? explores it with gentleness rather than sentimental bombast.

Read review A.O. Scott