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Black and Blue's user reviews


While Deon Taylor's 'Training Day'-indebted thriller has something urgent to say on corrupt power structures, its insights are trapped in a shallow action package, saved partly by a commanding Naomie Harris.

Read review Tomris Laffly
The Wrap

'Black and Blue' is chock-full of heart-pounding car chases and suspenseful moments that are certain to entertain mainstream audiences, but the flm falters when it attempts, beyond its tittle to reflect a necessary and under-discussed conversation about societal issues.

Read review Candice Frederick
The Hollywood Reporter

There's a tight, tense thriller in all this. Unfortunately, director Deon Taylor and screenwriter Peter A. Dowling stretch things out to a logy 104 minutes. Too often, the suspense dissipates between action scenes when it should be consistent and relentless, even in the quietest moments.

Read review Keith Uhlich