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Blaze's user reviews

New York Times

Like 'Boyhood' and the 'Before' trilogy, this one takes the time to listen to the odd, random, surprising and incoherent things people say.

Read review A.O. Scott
The A.V. Club

'Blaze' feels like a true passion project, an engine running on Hawke?s endless supply of enthusiasm for his subject.

Read review Joshua Alston
The Hollywood Reporter

Foley's cult may never grow as big as his most ardent fans would like. But Hawke and Rosen and Dickey have given the man something better than posthumous record sales.

Read review John DeFore

Foley never wanted to be a star, shining only for itself. He wanted to be a legend, and live forever. Thanks to Ethan Hawke?s slippery, whiskey-soaked biopic of the late musician ? and newcomer Benjamin Dickey?s casually spellbinding lead performance ? he?s closer than ever to getting his wish.

Read review David Ehrlich
Chicago Sun-Times

It?s a carefully crafted, almost reverential character study of man and music Hawke clearly and greatly admires.

Read review Richard Roeper
Rolling Stone

Dickey doesn?t impersonate Foley; he embodies him as a soulful artist and flawed human being who fought back the more that fame tried to tell him how to do things.

Read review Peter Travers
The New Yorker

What Hawke has provided here, with plenty of grace and a minimum of fuss, is an elegy for a life that went missing, more smolder than blaze, and a chance to hear the songs of the unsung.

Read review Anthony Lane
Los Angeles Times

That Hawke so closely aligns his cinematic style, inventive as it is, with the story?s disorderly, scruffily offbeat characters and settings is both a strength and a liability. His kaleidoscopic, at times ghostly, approach proves a valiant if studied effort.

Read review Gary Goldstein