Bloodsucking Bastards

Bloodsucking Bastards
Poster Bloodsucking Bastards

Title: Bloodsucking Bastards

Original Title: Bloodsucking Bastards

Year: 2015


  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
  • Length: 86 Minutes (1 hour 26 min)
  • Genre: Action Comedy Horror
  • Studios: Fortress Features
  • Age rating: 15 (Suitable only for 15 years and over)

Release Dates

  • UK: August 28 2015
  • United States: September 04 2015


'Bloodsucking bastards' is a horror comedy movie directed by Brian James O'Connell and starring Fran Kranz, Pedro Pascal, Joey Kern and Emma Fitzpatrick. The movie's plot focuses on Evan(Fran Kranz), an purposeless overworked employee who works in an office alongside his beautiful girlfriend and his best friend. His life will turn upside down when his girlfriend dumps him and his boss hands his desired promotion to his nemesis Max (Pedro Pascal). When his coworkers start to behave in a suspicious and disturbing way. Evan will have to find to save his coworkers from their evil transformation that will put his and his friends lives and careers in danger. 'Bloodsucking Bastards' had an early release at Sitges Film Festival.



Trailer 'Bloodsucking Bastards' 2:24


Bloodsucking Bastards
Bloodsucking Bastards
Bloodsucking Bastards
Bloodsucking Bastards
Bloodsucking Bastards


The script is written by Dr. God, a group of five comedians that is formed by Neil W. Garguilo, David F. Park, Sean Cowhig, Mitts and Justin Ryan Ware. In addition, its director Brian James O'Connell also participated in the creation of this story.

'Bloodsucking Bastards' was limited released September 4, 2015, and through video on demand.

Film based on the famous action game about zombies, 'Zombeer', where the only way to stay alive among zombies is staying drunk.

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