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'Blue Story' trivia and fun facts

A dangerous release During its UK opening weekend a riot occurred at a VUE cinema in Birmingham, England, in the middle of a screening. Over 100 people were allegedly involved, including young teenagers armed with machetes. The area was put under lock-down by police armed with tasers. As a result of the riot, VUE (and later Showcase Cinemas) decided to cancel all screenings of 'Blue Story' and blame the violence on the film and the film's message. Further incidents also occurred during opening night, including a machete attack in Huddersfield.
Shiro's Story Many people in the crew including the cinematographer, composer and music producer all worked on 'Shiro's Story' (2018) with Rapman.
Netflix series, 'Top Boy' Many of the cast also star in the Netflix series, 'Top Boy' (2011).
Breaking records The film made an impressive £1.3m in it's opening weekend, despite VUE banning the film, which broke records for the most any British 'urban' film has made in that space of time.
Jonathon Deering has make history The composer, Jonathon Deering, is the youngest composer (23 years old at the time) to have ever scored a full length Paramount feature film in it's whole 107 years.