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'Bombshell' trivia and fun facts

Original title The original title of the film was 'Fair and Balanced', but later it was changed to 'Bombshell'.
Almost producer In the beginning, it was going to be Annapurna Pictures in charge of production, but the company decided not to make just a few days before starting the production of the film.
Cast of Oscar In the cast, we can find many actors who have received an Oscar: Allison Janney ('I, Tonya'), Nicole Kidman ('The Hours') and Charlize Theron ('Monster'). In addition, there are also two actors with a nomination: John Lithgow ('Terms of Endearment', 'The World According to Garp') and Margot Robbie ('I, Tonya').
Skarsgård as a link The three lead actresses have all worked with Alexander Skarsgård; Robbie in 'The Legend of Tarzan' (2016), Kidman in Big Little Lies (2017), and Theron in 'Long Shot' (2019). Theron also worked with Alexander's younger brother Bill Skarsgård in 'Atomic Blonde' (2017).
Meryl, a key part Nicole Kidman said Meryl Streep convinced her to take the part.
Los Angeles as a stage The entire film was shot in Los Angeles.
The only invented character Margot Robbie's character is the only main character in the film not based on a real person. Her character was invented for the film, possibly from a combination of real-life people or experiences, rolled into one character to streamline storytelling.