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Captain America: Civil War's user reviews


Matching its blockbuster scale and spectacle with the smarts of a great, grown-up thriller, Captain America: Civil War is Marvel Studios? finest film yet.

Read review Dan Jolin
The Wrap

'Civil War' strikes that admirable balance: serious-minded action that never forgets to indulge in serious fun.

Read review Dave White

This chronicle of an epic clash between two equally noble factions, led by Captain America and Iron Man, proves as remarkable for its dramatic coherence and thematic unity as for its dizzyingly inventive action sequences.

Read review Justin Chang

The bigger these movies become, the smaller they feel. The more aggressively they reach for greatness, the more clearly they prove that its beyond their grasp. Marvel movies don't get much better than this. The trouble is, they don't want to.

Read review David Ehrlich
The Playlist

Striking and consistently engaging, the Russos deftly craft compelling blockbuster entertainment out of a a moral and emotional conflict, and that?s more impressive than any overblown display of loud and vulgar power.

Read review Russ Fischer
USA Today

While it?s not the greatest Marvel effort ? that honor goes to the previous Captain America: The Winter Soldier ? Civil War does pull outstanding performances from its two franchise faces, Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr.

Read review Brian Truitt
The Hollywood Reporter

Posing serious questions about violence and vigilantism while reveling in both, Captain America: Civil War is overlong but surprisingly light on its feet. It builds upon the plotlines of previous Avengers outings, bringing together known marquee quantities and introducing the Black Panther and a new Spidey in winning fashion.

Read review Sheri Linden