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Última hora Comunicado de la UER sobre las irregularidades de los votos en Eurovisión, Chanel se mantiene 3ª

Chocolat's user reviews

The Hollywood Reporter

A superbly performed if classically helmed biopic. (...) Footit's circus scenes are truly remarkable, with the acrobatic Thierree evoking a very Chaplin-esque character that actually makes the big top seem exciting again.

Read review Jordan Mintzer
El País

The film moves through the easy way of the succession, not fusion, of genres: comic sequences occurred by dramatic sequences.

Read review Javier Ocaña

A curious but uninspiring portrait of an exceptional figure.

Read review Yago García
Screen Daily

With the help of evocative production design and Paris locations, Zem and his cast have brought back to life an entertainment pioneer who was tragically forgotten by the time he died in 1917.

Read review Lisa Nesselson
La Vanguardia

Sy vuelve a brindar aquí toda una lección interpretativa.

Read review Lluís Bonet Mojica

The portrait of the circus and the theatre of varieties in a Paris as bright as full of contrasts is a small joy.

Read review Fausto Fernández