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Year: 2019
Original Title: Dem Horizont so nah
Length: 109 minutes
Genre: Drama, Romance
Studios: Pantaleon Films, Studio Canal
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'Close to the Horizon' tells the story of Jessica, a young woman who enjoys an uncomplicated life with the promise of a bright future. With summer approaching, Jessica thinks that the most exciting holiday experience awaiting her is getting her driver license. Something that she didn't count on was meeting Danny. One night at a fair, the two bump into each other. Danny is a young man who has everything that Jessica dreams of: attractiveness, independence and success. Fascinated by the character he puts across, Jessica slowly peels back his many layers to find out who he really is behind the façade that Danny has held up for a long time. In a superficial world in which physical aesthetics are treated as the most important thing, Jessica and Danny will have to face prejudice and exclusion as they grow closer 'Close to the Horizon' tells the real story of Jessica Koch, the author of the book of the same name that inspired the movie. The novel was published in Spain in 2019 under the name 'Tan cerca del horizonte' and it's the first part of the trilogy called "Danny" (with 'Close to the abyss' and 'Close to the ocean' making up the second and third parts). Tim Tratchte is the director of the film and Ariana Schröeder is in charge of the adaptation of the novel to the big screen. Luna Wedler y Jannik Schümann play the main characters.


Cast Close to the Horizon

Victoria Mayer

Victoria Mayer

Johanna Koch

Stephan Kampwirth

Stephan Kampwirth

Rufus Koch

Jannik Schümann

Jannik Schümann

Danny Taylor

Luna Wedler

Luna Wedler

Jessica Koch