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Conviction's user reviews


A sound play that the staging of the film strictly adopts Nora's point of view. That's where the noble inheritance of the Master of Suspense goes.

Read review Manu Yánez
El Periódico

Read review Quim Casas
El País

A very clever film that constantly breaks with the stylistic tradition of the genre to destabilize the viewer

Read review Jordi Costa

Read review Sergio F. Pinilla

The debutante Antoine Raimbault, director and screenwriter, can augur a great future, because the film lives up as a sigh and it feels hard to get more from the actors.

Read review Federico Marín Bellón
The Hollywood Reporter

"A gripping real-life courtroom drama (...) it does deliver a captivating portrayal of how French murder trials work."

Read review Jordan Mintzer