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Deadpool 2's user reviews

The Washington Post

"It is a fairly brilliant sendup of comic-book action movies, as well as also being an excellent example of one."

Read review Michael O'Sullivan
Time Out

"It's a long movie and when its star isn't on screen the boundary-pushing shocks and endless self-references wear thin."

Read review Philip De Semlyen
The Hollywood Reporter

"'Deadpool 2' is, if less of a surprise than its predecessor, just as funny (?) There's action aplenty throughout the film, but 'Deadpool 2' doesn't bog down in it".

Read review John DeFore
New York Times

"There is something ever so slightly dishonest about this character, something false about the boundaries drawn around his sadism and his rage. 'Deadpool 2' dabbles in ugliness and transgression, but takes no real creative risks".

Read review A. O. Scott
The Guardian

"Ryan Reynolds' ability to conjure laughs from pain is fantastic, but there are ethnic stereotypes here that need an upgrade".

Read review Steve Rose

"This sequel is an improvement on its 2016 predecessor: Sharper, grosser, more narratively coherent and funnier overall, with a few welcome new additions."

Read review Andrew Barker

"'Deadpool' had a sense of humor about itself, but its sequel finds a way to make those jokes truly funny."

Read review Kate Erbland