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ÚLTIMA HORA Sánchez pide la abstención de Albert Rivera porque las tres condiciones que exige Ciudadanos ya se cumplen

Death in Sarajevo's user reviews

The Guardian

'Death in Sarajevo' presents a damning allegory for modern Europe.

Read review Henry Barnes

The benign yet caustic spirit of Robert Altman infuses Danis Tanovic?s terrifically fluid top-to-bottom precis of a century of conflict in 'Death in Sarajevo'.

Read review Jay Weissberg

'Death in Sarajevo' has the energy and entertainment value of a Hollywood drama.

Read review Jessica Kiang
The Hollywood Reporter

Despite its heavily hand-held energy and zippy real-time pacing, 'Death in Sarajevo' lacks the urgency and friction required to function as a coherent thriller.

Read review Stephen Dalton