Detective Knight: Redemption

Poster Detective Knight: Redemption

Title: Detective Knight: Redemption

Original Title: Detective Knight: Redemption

Year: 2022



Detective James Knight, who is currently in custody in New York, is in the middle of an escape led by The Christmas Bomber, a savage fanatic whose Santa Claus disciples are making damage and terrorizing the city. The steel-eyed knight gives mercy for the good and righteous, but ruthless justice for everyone else. Detective Knight does this hoping that the promise they made to him will be fulfilled: if he is able to finish with the danger that invades the city and to finish with the terrorists, they will return his badge.

Legendary Hollywood action hero of the 1990s and 2000s, Bruce Willis ('Die Hard,' 'Pulp Fiction'), stars in 'Detective Knight: Redemption,' a pulse-pounding action thriller. As the director of the film we find Edward Drake, a filmmaker who has also directed the first installment of this saga, 'Detective Knight: No Mercy', and also will direct the third, 'Detective Knight: Independence'. In all three installments, in addition to directing, Drake works on the script.

Bruce Willis and Edward Drake have previously worked together beyond the 'Detective Knight' saga on 'Gasoline Alley', 'American Siege', 'Cosmic Sin' and 'Apex'. Corey Large, Lochlyn Munro, Beau Mirchoff and Paul Johansson also star in 'Detective Knight: Redemption'.



Edward Drake Edward Drake

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis

James Knight

Miranda Edwards

Miranda Edwards

Anna Shea

Jimmy Jean-Louis

Jimmy Jean-Louis

Godwin Sango

Lochlyn Munro

Lochlyn Munro

Eric Fitzgerald

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