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Detroit's user reviews

New York Post

Detroit may be tricked out with the Motown and miniskirts of the era, but its police-brutality narrative, assembled with firsthand accounts of that day, has chilling parallels with the here and now. It is not an easy watch, and it is an essential one.

Read review Sara Stewart

A gruelling, nightmarish, ferociously vivid riot epic that recreates one of the darkest chapters in American history. Unflinching, unmissable and terrifyingly pertinent.

Read review Simon Crook
The Hollywood Reporter

Intense and physically powerful in the way it conveys its atrocious events, the film nonetheless remains short on complexity, as if it were enough simply to provoke and outrage the audience. It's a grim tale with no catharsis.

Read review Todd McCarthy
Rolling Stone

It's a hardcore masterpiece that digs into our violent past to hold up a dark mirror to the systemic racism that still rages in the here and now. Read full review

Read review Peter Travers
The Guardian

This is a sombre, grieving movie which appears to gesture to the ghost-town ruin that is still in Detroit?s future.

Read review Peter Bradshaw
The A.V. Club

It comes across as incomplete, its metaphors, bit characters, traumas, and tacked-on subplots never threading together into a larger canvas?a ?big picture? movie where only the most tightly cornered, claustrophobic moments seem finished.

Read review Ignatiy Vishnevetsky