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Disobedience's user reviews

The Hollywood Reporter

Lelio rigorously eschews melodrama in all this, most crucially in his nuanced treatment of Esti, played by a thoroughly deglamorized McAdams with acute sensitivity.

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None of these three characters are tidy, but neither is desire, nor faith, nor love, and Lelio resists every opportunity to make them so. As the rabbi preaches at the start of the film, free will is both a gift and a burden, and freedom is impossible without accepting a degree of loss.

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The Guardian

Disobedience?s journey is one of authentic emotional honesty excelling in instances of insecurity and fear. No matter how raw Esti and Ronit?s love and passion, the abject horror of being discovered trumps their pleasure. It?s this depiction of repression that will break your heart because it has the potential of grabbing hold so strongly that free will becomes buried forever.

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