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Year: 1965
Original Title: Doctor Zhivago
Length: 197 minutes
Genre: Drama, Romance, History
Studios: Metro Goldwyn Mayer
Age rating: Parental guidance
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Release Dates

United States: December 31 1965


Ranking: 3,164 out of 16,430 movies (up 2869)

Ranked #598 in list 'The best movies ever'


8.1 by 10 users


David Lean's Doctor Zhivago is an exploration of the Russian Revolution as seen from the point of view of the intellectual, introspective title character (Omar Sharif). As the political landscape changes, and the Czarist regime comes to an end, Dr.Zhivago's relationships reflect the political turmoil raging about him. Though he is married, the vagaries of war lead him to begin a love affair with the beautiful Lara (Julie Christie). But he cannot escape the machinations of a band of selfish and cruel characters: General Strelnikov (Tom Courtenay), a Bolshevik General; Komarovsky (Rod Steiger), Lara's former lover; and Yevgraf (Alec Guinness), Zhivago's sinister half-brother. The film was released in Spain in 1965.


Cast Doctor Zhivago