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'Dunkirk' trivia and fun facts

Based on real facts First Christopher Nolan movie based on true events
The seventh movie Is the seventh Christopher Nolan movie to be distributed by Warner Bros.
"Operation Dinamo" The operation carried out in 'Dunkerque' is known as "Operation Dinamo", which consisted of the evacuation of allied troops that had been surrounded by the German army during the Battle of France.
Innovative After 'The Master' and 'The Hateful Eight', 'Dunkerque' will be the third great film of this decade to be filmed and projected in 70mm format.
Christopher Nolan innovates with digital techniques Christopher Nolan has been one of the main detractors of the use of digital techniques for the filming or the projection of the films.
Christopher Nolan wrote the script The Dunkirk script was written by Christopher Nolan himself, who is also a producer, along with his wife Emma Thomas.
Hans Zimmer in charge of music The music of the film is in charge of the composer Hans Zimmer, winner of an Oscar for the music of 'The Lion King'.
Tenth movie 'Dunkerque' is director Christopher Nolan's tenth feature.
Odd year 'Dunkirk' will be Nolan's first film, from 'Batman Begins', to be released in an odd year.