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El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie's user reviews


That this film can stand on its own, all while paying tribute to the show that helped birth it, is maybe the most impressive escape act of them all.

Read review Steve Greene

Starting the moment 'Breaking Bad' ended, this is very much a ?what happened next? double-episode. Which means, short of resurrecting Walter White, 'El Camino' does precisely what you want it do.

Read review Dan Jolin
The Hollywood Reporter

'El Camino' is a high-quality piece of suspense and action filmmaking carried by Paul's still-tremendous performance as Jesse Pinkman. It looks great, sounds great and if you're a fan, it's full of cameos and references that are sure to amuse.

Read review Daniel Fienberg

'El Camino' makes choices that limit its success and that don?t serve the legacy of 'Breaking Bad'. But its arrival at a place of wholeness after two hours of painful anxiety suggest that, though the path Gilligan and company took was at times a dubious one, 'El Camino' can?t, finally, be said to have lost its way.

Read review Daniel D'Addario
The Guardian

While it has both style and content, 'El Camino' feels more like a feature-length TV episode than an actual movie. It is too compact and fragmented to truly stand on its own, and viewers who have not seen the preceding 62 hours of 'Breaking Bad' will likely struggle to enjoy it.

Read review Paul McInnes
The Wrap

The movie ultimately serves as an coiled and heartfelt tribute to Jesse?s powerful trajectory, and Paul?s own chemically active, emotionally reactive brilliance in one of our peak TV era?s defining series.

Read review Robert Abele
The Playlist

The film itself is a pokey, introspective affair, a protracted curtain call that gives us one more look at many of our favorite characters, without actually going much of anywhere.

Read review Jason Bailey