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The Emoji Movie: express yourself's user reviews


"If you?re going to build an animated film around a concept that?s dumb, flat, goofy, and obvious, and maybe a tad corrupt in its cartoon-to-toy-box opportunism, then you could probably do worse than the idea behind 'The Emoji Movie'.?

Read review Owen Gleiberman

"The Emoji Movie? Is Almost as Bad and Brutally Depressing as Everything Else in 2017"

Read review David Ehrlich
The Hollywood Reporter

"The project's first hurdle is imagining how an emoji icon, which by definition represents only one emotional state (or object), can be a character capable of experiencing a story".

Read review John DeFore
The Wrap

"It is a soul-crushing disaster because it lacks humor, wit, ideas, visual style, compelling performances..."

Read review Alonso Duralde