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Equals's user reviews

El Mundo

"It approaches the stupid remark (...) This is the blackout. Bad. Even really bad."

Read review Luis Martínez

"A hollowed out version of the impressionism of Sofia Coppola, with some tic of Wong Kar-Wai and a lot of indie iconography (...) its essence is sibling to the 'Twilight' saga. A sweet celebration of the romantic drama for teenagers."

Read review Manu Yáñez
The Guardian

"Set in a future world where emotions are banned and relationships outlawed, Drake Doremus? venture into science-fiction falls flat."

Read review Andrew Pulver

"For those even a tiny bit more jaded or realist, the real wonder and marvel and breathless mystery of 'Equals' may be that something so dazzlingly white can be so very dull."

Read review Jessica Kiang
La Razón

"The dramatic inconsistence of that possible future emphasizes the weakness of a movie that,by Romeo and Juliet, wants to resuscitate the success of 'Twilight' in arty code".

Read review Sergi Sánchez

"A stylish if simplistic sci-fi romance."

Read review Peter Debruge
The Hollywood Reporter

"The future looks pretty but dull."

Read review David Rooney
Screen Daily

"A science-fiction love story set in a world that is visually sheened to evocative perfection - but in which the central premise is creakingly old hat."

Read review Jonathan Romney