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'Families' trivia and fun facts

11 years after 'Bon Voyage', his previous film, Jean-Paul Rappeneau returns with 'Belles families'. Meanwhile, the filmmaker worked on a project called 'Affaires étrangères', which ultimately never emerged.
Filming took place from 16 June to 10 September 2014. For 12 weeks, Jean-Paul Rappeneau and his team filmed in the towns of Blois, Chatou, Sèvres and Paris, but also in London, Shanghai and Zanzibar.
The director and screenwriter, Jean-Paul Rappeneau, was inspired by his own life to write the script.
To shoot his film 'Belles Familles', Jean-Paul Rappeneau has had a budget of 8 million euros, a high amount for a French drama.
Mathieu Amalric said he always chosen him for autobiographical roles.