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First Reformed's user reviews

The Guardian

Paul Schrader fans won?t find his new drama a revelation ? but Hawke fills the flawed holy man template well (...) 'First Reformed' is a deeply felt, deeply thought picture.

Read review Xan Brooks

"Una película grindhouse de autor que te engancha (...) [Hawke] coge el papel de Toller (...) y lo hace convincente (...) [Schrader] sigue siendo un gran cineasta."

Read review Owen Gleiberman
The New Yorker

"It?s a fierce film; Schrader, one of the crucial creators of the modern cinema (...) seems to have made it in a state of anger, passion, pain, mourning, and desire"

Read review Richard Brody
El País

Only the reality, without makeup, of a man of God who loses everything: his son, his faith, his affections, his convictions.

Read review Tommaso Koch