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ÚLTIMA HORA Muere Marisa Porcel, actriz de ‘Escenas de matrimonio’


Year: 2017

Original Title: First Reformed

Country: USA

Length: 108 minutes

Genre: Drama, Thriller

Studios: Killer Films

Distributor: Picturehouse Entertainment

Suitable only for 15 years and over

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Release Dates

United Kingdom: July 13 2018

United States: May 18 2018


Ranking: 866 out of 14,254 movies (up 727)


7.5 by 1 media


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Ernest Toller (played by Ethan Hawke) is an ex-military and chaplain who, after the death of his son in the Iraq War and the separation of his wife, is completely devastated. The church in a small town north of New York becomes his refuge as a reverend, feeling guilty for encouraging and supporting his son to join the army. To try to clear his thoughts, he will begin to write in a diary all the dark things that go through his mind. In his work as a priest, he meets Mary (whom Amanda Seyfried plays), a woman who, after becoming pregnant, suffers her husband's rejection of the child, thinking that climate change will end the world. Toller will be the couple's advisor. The film is directed by Paul Schrader.


Cast First Reformed