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'Le Mans '66' trivia and fun facts

Matter of weight Christian Bale had to lose 70 pounds to participate in the film, since previously the actor had gained weight to play Dick Cheney in 'Vice'.
Leading roles In March 2018, Christian Bale and Matt Damon were selections for the main roles of the film.
Change of father Noah Jupe played in 'Suburbicon' the son of Matt Damon's character. Now, the two are back in the film, but this time Jupe is the son of Christian Bale's character.
Return to direction James Mangfold returns to the direction after 'Logan', for which he was nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay.
Oscar's cast Both Christian Bale and Matt Damon have an Oscar, although Bale's for Best Supporting Actor for 'The Fighter' and Damon's for Best Original Screenplay for 'Good Will Hunting'.
Classic Bale's weightloss According to Matt Damon, Christian Bale had to lose seventy pounds before filming began. Bale had previously gained a lot of weight for his role in 'Vice' (2018) and had about seven months to lose it all and then some to play the lean race car driver, Ken Miles. Damon inquired of Bale how he managed to lose all the weight, to which Bale replied that he simply didn't eat. Damon said he was impressed by Bale's monk-like discipline.
Filed ideas This movie was formerly titled 'Go Like Hell' and Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt were considered for the roles.
Death of Lee Iacocca The real Lee Iacocca died on July 2nd at the age of ninety-four, four months before the movie is set to release.