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Frantz's user reviews

El Mundo

Bravissimo Ozon! (...) A hard and crude tragedy launched on the very edge of all possible precipices. And so, to illuminate one of the best films of a filmography of the endless path. As is.

Read review Luis Martínez

Ozon carries out an intimately epic and romantic review of issues such as pain, guilt and the aftermath that war leaves both defeated and overcomers.

Read review Nando Salvá
The Hollywood Reporter

The way in which Ozon again uses mirror images, which reveal the similarities between the French and the Germans just after the war, or the way Fanny and Anna come to possibly mirror each other again suggest that a master storyteller is at work.

Read review Boyd van Hoeij

Pierre Niney continues, as one of the most fashionable stars of French cinema, impeccable, elegant, intuitive and emotional, embroiders a Frantz with all faults (...) Pierre Niney continues, as one of the stars hipper French cinema, immaculate, elegant, intuitive and emotional, embroiders a Frantz with all faults.

Read review Carlos Loureda
Time Out

Slightly over-polite, but the sense of festering postwar anger and pain is strong.

Read review Dave Calhoun
Cahiers du Cinéma

It has beautiful and full of weightlessness images.

Read review Louis Séguin
El País

Shot in a black and white Germanic severity, 'Frantz' is a major piece in the work by François Ozon

Read review Jordi Costa
El Periódico

Ozon is faithful to the original, although it varies the point of view and builds the whole network of relations from the representation, the guilt and the pious lie.

Read review Quim Casas
Screen Daily

Frantz is arguably one of the straightest films Ozon has made ? in both the dramatic and the sexual senses ? but his complex sensibilities and fine-tuned irony are very evident in a mature work that transcends genre pastiche to be intellectually stimulating and emotionally satisfying.

Read review Jonathan Romney

The French director François Ozon makes a twisted and tortuous cinema, and this film, although of time and of elegant aspect, is a bag of sharp hooks.

Read review Oti Rodríguez Marchante
The Guardian

Ozon is often at his best when working with women, and he has a fabulous talent in Paula Beer to bring his protagonist, Anna, to vivid life. She?s stunning in the role.

Read review Nigel M. Smith

Frantz plays like classic melodrama, and has certain charms.

Read review Jay Weissberg