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'Frozen 2' trivia and fun facts

Record The trailer for 'Frozen 2' became the most watched for an animated movie on the first 24 hours.
Lasseter's last one This is the Walt Disney Animation Studios' last film in which John Lasseter participated before he exited Disney.
Box office The first film, 'Frozen', was the highest grossing animated movie of all time from its release in 2013 until 2019, when 'The Lion King' surpassed it.
Oscar 'Frozen' won best animated picture at the 2014 Oscar awards and best achievement in music written for motion picture, original song.
Single In spite of the speculation online and the petitions to introduce a character in this film as Elsa's girlfriend, it has been confirmed that Elsa will not have a partner, neither male or female.
New voices The original cast that comes back for this sequel are joined by Evan Rachel Wood as Queen Iduna and Sterling K. Brown as Lieutenant Matthias.
First song The first song for the film to be presented to the public was 'Into the Unkown', sang by Idina Menzel, who voices Elsa.