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'Hacksaw Ridge' trivia and fun facts

Mel Gibson's son Milo Gibson, son of Mel Gibson has an small part playing one of the soldiers. This marks his first apparition on screen and first father and son collaboration on screen.
Medals of Honor for a hero Desmond T. Doss only accepted one Medal of Honor. It had initially been proposed that he received two, but he humbly declined. His work as a medic was praised beacuse he alone saved the lives of 75 men of his company without bearing firearms, as he was a conscientous objector.
Venice Film Festival The film will be released at Venice Film Festival as a 'non competition candidate film'.
Mel Gibson's return The movie means the return of Mel Gibson to directing after 'Apocalypto'.
Critics's Choice Awards 'Hasta el último hombre' the war drama based on real events, has been nominated in seven categories at the Critics' Choice Awards, which will been celebrated December 11. The nominations include Best Picture, Best Director (Mel Gibson) and Best Actor (Andrew Garfield).
Nominations The film was nominated to 9 Satellite Prizes (that include Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Adapted Screenplay). It was nominated to 13 prizes for Australian Academy too.
Best picture of the year The film was selected as one of the best pictures of the year by National Board of Review.