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Year: 2006
Original Title: Nivemang
Length: 114 minutes
Genre: Drama

Release Dates

United Kingdom: January 04 2008

United States: December 14 2007


Ranking: 14,544 out of 15,439 movies (up 434)


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Mamo, a famous and admired Kurdish musician, decides to embark on an adventure across the border together with his children, with the hope of playing a concert. The concert and the journey in general has become possible due to the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime. After waiting seven months to have his permit accepted, he sets off and halfway through the journey he picks up female singer Hesho who accompanies him on the journey. However this will only add to the complications as it is forbidden for Iranian women to sing in public, let alone be in the company of men. Nevertheless, Mamo decides to continue and go through with his plan despite the risks and the illegality of the task at hand.