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Year: 2019
Original Title: Halston
Length: 105 minutes
Genre: Documentary
Studios: CNN Films
Distributor: Dogwood Films
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Release Dates

United Kingdom: June 07 2019


Ranking: 6,561 out of 15,427 movies (up 1639)


7.2 by 5 media


Halston is the definition of the American dream. A man who was raised in Iowa and got to be famous in the world of fashion in the seventies, when he was crowned as the king of fashion. From there, to the world of the American excess and the Studio 54 with celebrities as Warhol. Halston created a long living household name in fashion industry, but his empire began to shake during the Wall Street era, when a crisis lead him to have to rethink his entire household, his brand and his life. Halston would have to make the most risky choices of his life to save his career and his name in the fashion world. Directed by French director Frédéric Tcheng, co-productor and co-editor from 'Valentino: The Last Emperor', following the life of another fashion master from which he was nominee to a Oscar Award in 2009.


Cast Halston