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Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw's user reviews


A joyful entertainment directed with a master hand by David Leitch who, above all, wants to claim the action cinema of a lifetime: that one where the boys, and now the girls too, and their fists are the ones in charge.

Read review Blai Morell

The film is actually a highly accomplished cinematic feat, finding ingenious ways to convey its own ridiculously distorted ground rules.

Read review Peter Debruge
Entertainment Weekly

Director David Leitch ('Atomic Blonde', 'Deadpool 2') seems to know how to set up his outrageous set pieces, then get out of the way often enough to let his stars do what they need to do: joke, chokehold, kiss, and smash.

Read review Leah Greenblatt
The Wrap

This breathless 'Fast & Furious Presents' installment never takes itself seriously, but it?s invested in being a blockbuster with heart.

Read review Candice Frederick

Johnson, Statham and Kirby are all wonderful. The action sequences become so elaborate that they start to weigh the movie down.

Read review Stephanie Zacharek
The Verge

'Hobbs & Shaw' proves they work well together, stretching out the sparky dynamic of their previous appearances together to feature length.

Read review Keith Phipps
The Hollywood Reporter

The movie's highly elaborate physical scenes and innumerable effects reflect the money said to have been spent, and they mostly pay off in action that's both visceral and amusing.

Read review Todd McCarthy

It?s certainly proof that even dumb movies can endeavor to enlighten the masses, and gels nicely with the broader message: If Hobbs and Shaw can learn to get along, there may be hope for all of us.

Read review Eric Kohn
Rolling Stone

Director David Leitch ('John Wick', 'Atomic Blonde', 'Deadpool 2') keeps the action and the comedy at full velocity. This movie definitely has its moments. The problem is it keeps repeating them.

Read review Peter Travers
Roger Ebert

While the rap on Hollywood is that they are now in the business of making product instead of movies, 'Hobbs & Shaw' is one of the most fun shiny new products of the season.

Read review Brian Tallerico