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SENTENCIA DEL PROCÉS El juez Llarena emite una nueva euroorden contra Puigdemont
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Year: 2019
Original Title: Home
Length: 92 minutes
Budget: 60,000
Genre: Documentary

Release Dates

United Kingdom: October 18 2019


Ranking: 9,360 out of 15,561 movies (up 273)


Between 2011 and 2015, British thrill seeker Sarah Outen crossed the world with a bike, a kayak, and a dugout canoe. She travelled more than 30,000 using solely her strength and resilience. Her journey was followed by thousands of people charmed by her humour and passion for life. However, her trip was cut short when a huge storm in the Pacific pushed Sarah to her physical and mental limits. 'Home' is a documentary assembled from hundreds of hours of footage, intimately capturing the journey of Sarah and telling a profound story full of strength and happiness.