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ÚLTIMA HORA Aparece el cadáver de Laura Luelmo, la maestra desaparecida en Huelva


Year: 1953

Original Title: How to Marry a Millionaire

Country: USA

Length: 95 minutes

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Studios: Twentieth Century-Fox

Release Dates

United States: November 04 1953


Ranking: 2,490 out of 14,673 movies (up 479)


10.0 by 1 users


Three New York models, Shatze, Pola and Loco set-up in an exclusive appartment with a plan: tired of cheap men and a lack of money they intend to use all their talents to trap and marry three millionaires. The trouble is that's it's not so easy to tell the rich men from the huxters and even when they can, is the money really worth it?