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Year: 2017

Original Title: I Kill Giants

Country: Belgium

Length: 104 minutes

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Thriller

Studios: 1492 Pictures, XYZ Films

Distributor: Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment

Suitable for 12 years and over

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Release Dates

United Kingdom: April 06 2018

United States: March 23 2018


Ranking: 3,860 out of 14,672 movies (up 2406)


8.1 by 4 media


The film is based on the eponymous graphic novel by Joe Kelly and directed by Anders Walter. 'I Kill Giants' tell us about the story of Barbara Throne, a teenager without friends that lives in a small town. To scape from that reality she often dreams about other fantasy worlds, and the creatures that surround them. She is known to be a geek and in her mind the existence of giants is a fact. She spends a lot of time on her own so no one believes her when she tries to warn the people around about those giants that are threatening our world, she must face those dangers alone. She becomes a hunter and tends traps to protect the people that ignore her. For everyone her believes are just the games of a young girl, what is really going on in that town.


Cast I Kill Giants

Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana

Mrs. Mollé

Jennifer Ehle

Jennifer Ehle

Mrs. Thorson

Noel Clarke

Noel Clarke

Mr. Mollé



Trivia I Kill Giants

'I Kill Giants' is an adaptation from the graphic novel series under the same name writed by Joe Kelly and drew J. M. Ken Niimura. Halle Berry was considered for the part of Mrs. Mollé. She was finally dismissed because they thought she wasn't bankable enough for the film.