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Year: 2017

Original Title: In Praise of Nothing

Country: Serbia

Length: 78 minutes

Genre: Documentary


Distributor: Ica Films

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Release Dates

United Kingdom: September 07 2018

United States:


Ranking: 10,546 out of 14,673 movies (up 625)


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Serbian director Boris Mitic directs 'In Praise of Nothing', a satirical documentary about nothing, which is tired of being misunderstood and tries to defend itself. In this way the Nothing becomes the main protagonist of the film, which has a critical monologue played by Iggy Pop, figure of the music industry, accompanied by some amazing images from different parts of the world. The film features images recorded by a total of 62 filmmakers from other parts of the world. In this way, Nothing comments on everything that is seen, from the relations between men and women, politics, and even comes to consider the very existence and meaning of life, all accompanied by the gravelly voice of Iggy Pop.